Inspiration for your vintage home interior decor

You may like the look or the story of an antique or vintage item. But how can I incorporate this in my home décor? Does it suit my interior or other furniture items? Maybe you slowly want to change the look and feel of your home and like the vintage home decor style. Would you like some further inspiration on how to combine the new with the old?

Well, I’ve done some research for you! Check out these home interior designs complimenting the vintage and antique looks whilst looking stylish and modern.

Repurposed pieces for storage and shelving

repurposed nesting boxes and wire baskets used for storage

Liz Marie has so much inspiration to grab with its wide range of vintage home décor. Just look at these antique chicken nesting boxes that has been turned into a stylish vintage bookshelf for example. The wire baskets on top are another gem to provide storage with antique pieces.  The nesting boxes and wire baskets are versatile repurposed pieces that really adds some “story” and vintage charm to the home.

Olive basket vintage home decor

The antique olive basket centrepiece in this room by Liz Marie shows how antique metal pieces can be used. Vintage metal has a lovely weathered patina which can be complemented with a little greenery and flora. Other items that would make great centrepieces include antique dough bowls, vintage steel boxes, pitchers, canisters etc.  All of these items will enhance your vintage home decor.

repurposed antique ladder used for pot plant shelf

Old ladders can turn into great pieces of decor or even display shelves. Just look at this nifty setup fond over at HomeBNC for instance. Easily organise your house plants or trinkets by using one of these in your bedroom, office, or living room.

Are you after the industrial look and feel?

Vintage home deocr using industrial factory or warehouse lights

If you are after the industrial look and feel, these room ideas at Curated Interior will give plenty of inspiration. A common thread in industrial style rooms is the antique lighting which gives them their warehouse, factory charm!

Simple and beautiful style

demijohn or carboy bottle in vintage farmhouse kitchen

Maison de cinq has great ideas on how to use demijohn (also known as a carboy) bottles in your décor. These charming antique demijohn bottles have grown immensely popular in the last several years. Their simple, beautiful shape and narrow neck is so dramatic they don’t need anything else to make them look stunning.

Bringing vintage home decor together

vintage home decor kitchen and living space

A clock with minimalist clean lines can finish a space off to a ‘T’. This example brings a lot of the things we love together in one place.  The clock takes prominent place dividing the living and kitchen spaces.  The large industrial lighting overhanging the dining table with the rustic vintage seating provide that industrial feel.  The upturned antique wooden crate repurposed as a side table and the lovely comfortable leather chair.  Imagine yourself in this living room enjoying a nice glass of red or your favourite whiskey.

So if you want to add vintage home decor into your next renovation project post a message on our Facebook page.  Let us discuss how we can help you realise your vintage home design.