Seltzer Siphon Bottle

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Seltzer (carbonated water) bottles were delivered to homes, bistros, bars and hotels during the early 20th Century. The lever on top of the bottle uses a siphon system allowing a portion of the contents to be dispensed while maintaining the pressure on the inside of the bottle and preventing the remaining seltzer from going flat.

The term seltzer water is derived from the German town Selters, which is renowned for its mineral springs. Naturally carbonated water has been commercially bottled and shipped from this town since the 18th century or earlier.

These sleek glass bottles with birdlike sculptural spout tops are rich in history making them a desirable decorative collectible.

These bottles stand 32cm tall (to the top of the spout) and are 10cm in diameter.

Please note the siphon tops no longer work and these bottles are sold as decorative only.  Some bottles also contain a small amount of water.

Being authentic vintage and as we have multiple of this product there may be slight variations from the pictures shown.

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1940 – 1960

Country of Origin



Excellent, chips, colours & blemishes may vary slightly, general wear & tear consistent with age


Glass, Wood


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