Ship’s Seiko Clock (red/beige)

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These are original ship’s clocks from the Indian ship decommissioning yards.  This clock was made in Japan and would have adorned one of the many cabins of large cruise or commercial ships that travel on the high seas.

These clocks have classic, easy to read numerals and a clean, well-proportioned face behind a hinged glass front.

These clocks were originally ‘slave’ clocks which were all connected to a master clock located in the captain’s cabin or on the ships bridge.  Since ships can travel across many time zones during a single journey it would have been nearly impossible to manually change each clock throughout the ship by hand.  Setting the time on the master clock automatically updated each slave clock throughout the ship instantaneously.

This clock has been converted to a battery mechanism which takes 1 x AA battery (not included).

Being authentic vintage and as we have multiple of this product there may be slight variations from the picture shown.

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180mm (front), 220mm (back), 65mm (out from the wall)


1970 – 1980s

Country of Origin



Enamel, Glass, Steel


Good, colours & blemishes may vary slightly, general wear & tear consistent with age, scratches


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