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Glass demijohn bottles used to transport and store liquids.  In Europe, demijohn’s were widely used for storing wine but may have stored any type of liquid.  Glass demijohns were also used in laboratories to store chemicals because glass is immune to acid corrosion or staining. They were also used for in-home fermentation of beverages, often beer or wine.

They come in various volumes usually ranging from 4 to 25 litres and in a myriad of colors, but the antiques are most often green or clear.

The word demijohn is French and is used to describe any large, narrow-necked bottle that is used to hold liquid.  In the America’s these bottles are often referred to as a carboy (or carbouy) which is Persian.

This bottle is 500mm high and 300mm in diameter.



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1960 – 1980

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Excellent, colours & blemishes may vary slightly, general wear & tear consistent with age




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